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Increase your engagement on Facebook

When a post makes an impact of your followers, the engagement increases. Regular moments of impact and emotional involvement with a target audience are obviously at the heart of successful social media marketing. For many businesses, engagement in terms of having their post shared is the ultimate goal as this attracts new audiences and is a great endorsement for the business.

Facebook offers a fantastic analytics tool of all of the activity on your Facebook page. This can be found on the page insights tab. You can also check the time that your audience is most likely to be online as well as finding out more about your audience and the people who are engaging with your posts. Also, make sure to analyse your recent posts to see which have received the most engagement. Focus on the numbers of comments and shares received, because these interactions will impact the Facebook algorithm and your Facebook marketing results the most.

Top tips to increase engagement

1. Encourage your audience to ask you questions. You can set a theme or topic for the question and let your audience know that you will answer questions either in a video format or Facebook Live to generate more engagement.

2. Don’t forget about the emjoi’s! Posts that include emoji’s generally have more likes, comments and shares than those that do not use emojis. This also helps you portray your business as friendly and make your content more memorable.

3. Share shout-outs for content created by your customers - Sharing photos or content sent or posted by fans is a great way to show how much your community and customers matter. Don’t forget to ask permission and credit the creator.

4. Ask for audience feedback – this will not only increase engagement but it will help you understand what’s working for your business.

5. Go live! One of the quickest ways to ramp up your Facebook engagement is to go live on your page. According to Facebook, live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos. Whereas shorter uploaded videos seem to generate the best response, it’s important your Facebook live streams are long enough to allow people to join and engage. To get the most engagement, make sure to promote your Facebook live in advance. If your audience doesn’t know you’re live, they won’t join the stream and you’ll miss the opportunity to engage with them.

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