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The Importance of Facebook advertising

There are more than 3 billion active users on social media platforms, with the average person spending 135 minutes per day on social networks. This is why it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to focus on their social media marketing strategy. These platforms enable businesses to connect with their target audience to increase engagement and revenue.

Facebook organic reach is not as effective

If you have a facebook business page, you may not realise that on average less than 0.5 of your followers will see your posts and updates. Sad but true.

Over time, Facebook has been reducing the visibility of business pages in people’s news feeds to encourage more people to use paid advertising. The good news is that you don’t need a huge budget to get your post seen, typically £50 will get your ad in front of 4,000 + people and you can be picky about who you target.

Targeting your audience is hugely beneficial!

You may not have realised, but Facebook is much more targeted than you think. It allows you to target your audience by location, demographic, interests and behaviour.

Even more specific, Faecbook can even allow you to get in front of some very targeted audience such as looking at their purchasing behaviour and use custom audiences to build leads.

The power of remarketing

Facebook remarketing is incredibly powerful and you’ll be crazy not to use it! It’s an effective way to grow your business.

Not sure what this is? Here’s an exaplanation:

Remarketing shows ads for your business to people after they have visited your website, used your mobile app, or given you their email address. People will see these ads when they visit or shop on other websites, use social media, watch videos, use other mobile apps, or search on Google.

Maximise your content marketing

Social media is the ideal way to promote and distribute your content. If you create and share content representing similar topics, you expand the community around your own topic and users engaging with your content. Unfortunately, high quality content is not enough to turn your social media audience into customer. Businesses who want to reach more people should really consider paid advertising. A good way to generate new content is engaging with influencers and followers by asking their input on a subject you’re writing about

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